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Do you remember the days when the NES ruled the video game world? When Mario and Mega Man were at their peak of popularity? When platform games were pretty much the only genre of video game being made? I do, and to pay tribute to some of the great games from this era, I'm creating Breakpoint City: The Game.

Designed with Clickteam's The Games Factory, BPC:TG is a spoof of the NES classic, Mega Man. When a mysterious mad scientist suddenly appears in Breakpoint City (bearing a strange resemblance to Dr. Mizkit,) he unleashes eight fighting robots that wreck havoc on the world! Playing as either Ben, Dan, or Sofia, jump and blast your way through 16 levels throughout Breakpoint City!
Currently, the game is under major construction, and will likely not be completed anytime soon (hey, I got a comic strip to maintain!) Keep watching this space for progress updates every now and then. Sorry, but until Clickteam develops a version of the Games Factory that works cross-platform, the game will only be available for PCs.

For all those programming geeks out there, here's the game status as of 6/13/2002:
Current Engine Features:
  • Original platform movement and gravity
  • Interchangeable weapons system
  • Underwater movement
  • Enemies and damage system
  • Mega Man-style camera
  • Conveyor Belts and Springboards
  • Power-up creation upon destroying enemies
  • Enemy recreation upon scrolling
  • Pitfalls and spikes
  • Enemy power-ups disappear after 5 sec.
  • Halfway points
  • MOD music
Future Features:
  • Complete weapons List
  • More enemies
  • Level & boss design
  • 2 more playable characters
  • Unique weapons and moves for each character
  • Options Menu
  • More animations (death, weapon acquire)
  • Separate energy reserves for weapons
  • Save features
  • 8 main levels, 8+ "castle" levels
  • NES Video game parodies (Mega Man, Mario, Zelda, Metroid, etc...)

In-game screenshots:

Check back soon for a playable demo!!

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