cameopaloozawhois (65K)

No, really, who are these people?!

A. Darrell M. Stark from Lunchtable Online.
B. Matt "Breakpoint City Veteran" Poletti.
C. Rob from Matt Oliver's Nothing Special.
D. Postman Pat... erm, I mean Grant from Wake up Screaming.
E. Anthony Watts' Kwrecc (caution: site might not be suitable for everyone...)
F. DoomYote, AKA rockerbot27, AKA Sharon Ferrell, AKA... uh... something.
G. Mark and Randi Worhatch, our visitors from Oklahoma!
H. Jennifer Ober, wielding a Crouton Gun. It's an inside joke even I don't get...
I. Simon and Scarlet Ninja from the Ohio-influenced NeTrek!
J. Needle and Thread from... well, Needle and Thread.
K. Patrick and Jenny, my brother and sister. Without them, I'd be as unfunny as "Cathy."
L. The man with the fish is IDGet, bothering...
M. ...the BPC band leader Ant. Poor guy.

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