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>> Another new game! Zaltor Conquers the Universe! <<
Re recommending one of my all-time favorite comics out there. Kazu Kibuishi's somber but wildly imaginative monthly comic follows the dreams of a young boy and his pessimist dog. Gotta love any comic where you can spend hours and hours just starting at each panel, looking at the details...
Breakpoint News

3.19.05 Trying to Graduate

This is it. Eight more weeks left. Crazy times before I get out into the real world. Sorry if keeping up with the comic has been kinda difficult lately... I'm working on it. I'd like to be able to keep this comic going through the next two months despite everything going on right now.

I've decided to post my portfolio from here. Not sure who will see it, not sure who this website reaches. C'est une experiment.

Ben and Dan made a surprising appearance in last Sunday's Tennessee Cats. It's a Wine glass with a waffle, apparently. :D

2.23.05: Hiatus almost over. Enjoy the filler.

Hey all. Classes just finished here. Wooo, spring break in February! The pace here at the site will pick up relatively soon, so be sure tell your alien brothers to start visiting again!

Also testing out a new update schedule. Come back on Sundays and Wednesdays until further notice. Or else.


... drat, don't really have much to back up that threat with.

Should also point out that Josh has been linking Elf Launch like a madman since January. Thanks, buddy! And hey everyone else, if you've got a killer webcomic and want to swap links, lemme know!

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